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Also, if you want this critical step to yield what it should, custom documentation for each of your clients is the only way to go. Because the trafficking guidelines and technical requirements for each client are different, a one size fits all template does not work. Customized documentation also combats employee turnaround. Since a separate document outlining relationship expectations and roles should accompany the customized trafficking guidelines, when traffickers move on, their insight regarding specific clients stays behind.

Additionally, some teams will receive an influx of orders at times, while others are quiet.

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Training your team with common documentation is a surefire way for teams to jump in in times of need and transition quickly without playing catch up. Ok, so all line items are in the server waiting to go live. An extensive checklist that promises maximum efficiency and limited errors is the way to go. Instructions: Are you looking to determine your programmatic revenue earnings or planning a media budget?

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Use our CPM calculator by entering any two criteria to solve for the third. Our consultants can provide the direction you need to ensure increased revenue. Step 1: Get Organized Getting organized is a critical first step for just about any undertaking.

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Step 2: Prioritize Now that you know you have to organize client requests, the next step is establishing a process for ticketing. Step 4: Ad Trafficking This is the most malleable step in the process. Step 5: Creative QA Ok, so all line items are in the server waiting to go live. Do the ads click through and open in a new browser? Does the landing page match the promotion i. Does this ad click through to a competitor? Does animation stop or is it a continuous loop? How long is it? But amazingly lucky things happen to my clients and me all the time.

She started getting rid of all the petty annoyances that were dragging her down. She began playing more golf on weekends to relax. I encouraged her to take better care of herself and get a weekly massage. She cleared out all the old files and papers cluttering her office and home. After nine months of working to get every aspect of her life in great shape, she received a call from a recruiter who arranged an interview with another company.

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Within the week she got the job, instantly doubled her salary, and now has a challenging career with people she enjoys working with. She attracted this result. You can systematically create a life that draws happiness and success to you. By removing the energy drains in your life and adding in pleasurable activities that increase your energy, you create the space for opportunities to come to you. Good things come to us and we chalk it up to luck or serendipity. The problem is that lots of things prevent us from being our best.

Each part is filled with practical, proven tips and down-to-earth, real-life examples that will help you attract everything you have always wanted. How Does Coaching Work? It all boils down to the raw basics: energy. Einstein figured out that all matter is energy. A solid mahogany desk is mostly empty space with a few little atoms whizzing around. We can do things that take away our energy or things that give us energy. Coaching will show you how to eliminate the things that drain your energy and bring in the things that give you energy.

The more energy you have, the more attractive and powerful you will be. People who are energetic and full of life, people who are doing what they most love to do, are successful. All epitomize the ability each of us has to attract what we want for ourselves and the world. How to Use Coach Yourself to Success This book is divided into ten parts that build on each other in natural progression. In Part I you will learn to increase your natural power by getting rid of the major energy drains in your life and putting in some positive energy boosters.

Nature abhors a vacuum—back to the laws of physics again!

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Part III addresses money. Why work for money when you can learn to make money work for you? Most people get by on just enough money. If you want to be effortlessly successful you need more than enough money.

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In Part IV, I share some secrets of creating time. You will learn to focus on what is truly important and eliminate the chronic time wasters that devour our lives before we know it. This creates a sense of balance and control in your life. In Part V you will learn how to develop a supportive network of friends, colleagues, and mentors. You will also identify and find ways to satisfy emotional needs that may have been unconsciously driving your behavior and choice of friends.

In Part VI you will discover what really turns you on in life and learn how to make the smooth transition to doing exactly that without financial risk. When you are doing work you love, you begin to attract powerful and interesting people who never would have looked twice at you when you were miserable and complaining about your job every day. People who are excited about their work are few and far between, so by that fact alone you will stand out from the crowd and attract even more opportunities.

In Part VII you will learn how to become exceptionally efficient, productive, and effective.

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You will learn how to get unstuck when you are in a rut and how to blast through your goals and achieve them in record time—and then eliminate goals altogether. You will learn to work smarter and to have more fun in the process, whether your goals are professional or personal. Successful people usually have one key trait in common: they have learned how to communicate with power, grace, and style. Anyone can learn to do this. The simple tips here show you how to speak so that people not only listen to you, but are also motivated to xxii C oac h Yo u r s e l f to S u cc e s s take action.

Here you learn the secrets of getting people to do what you want without manipulating them. Here you will learn how to eliminate unnecessary stress, banish burnout, and surround yourself with luxury.

1. Lower Your Standards

Now is the time to pamper yourself and get your body in great shape. The payoff—a rejuvenated and energetic you! Good things will be landing in your lap on a fairly consistent basis. Now you need to learn how to have it this good. But do not fear; this is curable. And one of the best ways to expand your willingness to have the good life is to start taking extremely good care of yourself.