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My bad. What is a pupusa, you ask? There seems to be a wide variety of how the se are prepared, so it could be completely different wherever you live. You can either cook these in the frying pan or in the oven, so I chose to use the toaster oven. I have to say, the flavor is excellent. The corn shell is crispy on the outside and smooth sometimes grainy on the inside.

Next, I tried in the frying pan. I mean, fried is always better, right? And it was good that way, too.


I think this would be great as a side or as a snack, but not as a meal. Going in I thought they might be a little light on flavor, so I was standing by with some Litehouse OPA Bleu Cheese dressing, but these little cakes are robust enough on their own. As I ate them 2 cakes per serving per the packaging , the pepper started to build up in my mouth, eventually burning my tongue. I started out eating with a fork, but they are sturdy enough that you can just eat them with your hand, like an English muffin.

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Cold cuts that actually say they are gluten-free, right on the package. And keep in mind, I have coldcutslimeophobia. And that means if the cold cuts are the least bit slimy or sweaty or what-have-you, they turn my stomach and then go in the trash.

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Much longer than cold cuts you get at the deli counter. Those are usually over the top of my slime-meter within three days. And the news gets even better.

happier. healthier. gluten-free.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! There is no research to prove that there is an adverse effect of including gluten in your diet if your body can process it without problem. Instead tuck in to a wholesome bowl of whole wheat noodles with soy and honey salmon!

Flourless Chocolate Cake Gluten Free - 4 ingredients recipe

Many gluten containing foods are packed with iron, vitamin B, vitamin D, and fibre. However if you suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivity or IBS then there are been a lot of research into reintroducing gluten into the diet.

Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Ginger Cake

The low-FODMAP diet is a process by which all poorly absorbed short chain carbohydrates are removed from the body by following a low gluten diet for weeks. One by one different foods are reintroduced to the diet. This helps to identify if the individual has a reaction to gluten or just another protein that is often present in gluten containing foods. Whatever you opinion is towards gluten, do what makes your gut happy! And remember to always consult your GP or register dietician before making drastic diet changes.

You can hear the whirr of the blender from the kitchen throughout the day and we have talked about…. As with many approaches to health and fitness there is little new here, fasting can be traced back….

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When a GP suggests you to remove gluten from your diet it is usually due to one of three things: Wheat allergy — You are allergic to one of the proteins in wheat, including but not limited to gluten. When consumed your body launches an autoimmune response. Celiac disease — This is an autoimmune disorder where your body over responds when gluten is ingested.

Your body in response attacks the villi in your digestive systems which in turn reduces nutrient absorption from the gut. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity — This is the placebo effect that occurs when someone without a gluten intolerance consumes gluten.