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Its comments were in response to Australia's Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, who last week said North Korea's nuclear weapons programme posed a "serious threat" to Australia unless it was stopped by the international community.

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Asked if New Zealand could take part in a US-led action against North Korea, he said that would have to be decided at the time. Mr Brownlee said North Korea was a rogue state, led by people with evil intent, and many people were suffering under the regime. North Korea's nuclear weapons programme is a serious threat and needs to be stopped, Australia's Foreign Minister is warning.

North Korea may be nuclear equipped and dangerous as the US threatens to engage, but the regime cannot truly be called unpredictable, writes the ABC's Stan Grant. As long as you put some effort into accomplishing your goals, you will move towards them. In Evil Intent, you can try as hard as you like, but if you roll poorly or end up on the wrong end of a Thwart card at the wrong time, you can end up with nothing. Which leads to….

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There are plenty of games out there in which you live or die by the dice. Many dudes-on-a-map games, Last Night on Earth , or even games like Martian Dice are all about the dice rolls. There are choices and ways to get engaged despite the luck.

No matter how much you plan or set up your lair or thwart the other players, to collect opportunity cards relies entirely on unmitigated luck. The limit of 8 rounds for preparation means your bad luck really, really hurts you. There are no real choices to make at that point. You could argue that this is just a test of how well you did in the first part of the game, except that…. I was notified by the designer and double-checked the rules to find that I had made an error — the extra success is required to claim an opportunity card, not place a World Domination token.

With this rule fix, world domination is much less painful and the flaw has been redacted. I apologize for the error. In that case, the lone player is almost guaranteed a win as they freely collect their own colors while the other players fight over the colors THEY need.

"With no evil intent". The criminal prosecution of physicians for medical negligence.

I could write more deeply into each of these flaws and compound on more details, but I think you get the idea. With a lot more development and a heck of a lot more playtesting, Evil Intent might have been something great. I can think of a number of changes I would try to make the game playable. For example, the game could flow much better if, instead of 8 rounds with 8 steps each, players just took turns doing 1 thing — either rearranging their lair, purchasing, or resolving an opportunity. Obviously the numbers would need tweaking, but this alone would force players to make a lot of choices — do they race for the opportunities to get there first but risk failure, or spend time preparing?

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Do they just move all their minions to focus on one task, accomplish that task, then rearrange, or try to set up their lair so they can take several actions in a row? Another very useful change would be to make the Opportunity cards multiple colors. Players should be able to advance their World Domination and then go back to planning. It should all be intermixed. And finally all the numbers need to be tweaked. Fewer dice to roll and fewer successes needed, so players actually can accomplish something.

And more ways to mitigate luck.

Take a look at, say Eldritch Horror, which has a similar dice rolling mechanism — and in that game, the most difficult monsters have a required success rate of maybe 5 hits, and even that can be over a few rounds. The fact is, rolling 10 dice at once just slows a game down and any more than 3 or 4 hits prevents players from making their own successes. Evil Intent is a prime example of when Kickstarter allows an unfinished product to get to the market. It looks fun, the idea is solid, but the game is completely unfinished.

If it were an amateur effort — a game someone made to play with their friends, I would salute the effort. Roi is also part of the music-theater creative duo SepiaZebra, which is concerned with the emergence of organic and systemic behaviours out of intuitive, arbitrary or even entirely external origins.

Ilya Ziblat is a composer and performer. His work features composition and improvisation, using a combination of instruments and live electronics. Searching for new means of expression, he enjoys exploring a wide range of interdisciplinary artistic collaborations with text, dance, visual art, and video. Ilya plays contrabass and bass guitar as an improviser and performer of composed repertoire.