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Like, so excited that my dad just keeps texting me clown emojis, which is kind of sweet and kind of weird. With just a few weeks to go before the film's released, I decided that now would be a good time to reread the book. Reading Stephen King's It is definitely a bit of an undertaking. More importantly, it's also a completely terrifying experience. This is, hands down, the scariest book I've ever read. I had two nightmares before I was even pages in.

King is known for being the master of creepy, but, having read a number of his novels, I think It goes beyond any horror novel I've ever read.

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If the new film is even half as scary as the book, I'll still be sleeping with the lights on for a couple of days. If you don't think you'll be able to tackle It before the movie comes out, I'll save you some time.

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I've compiled what I think are the seven scariest scenes in Stephen King's It. Read at your own risk; I'm not taking the blame for your nightmares.

Poor Georgie; he just wanted his paper boat. In this iconic scene, little George Denbrough encounters Pennywise peeking up from a sewer after a rainstorm. Lured in by his promise to return the paper sailboat that had fallen into the gutter, Georgie comes closer to the clown, reaching his hand into the gutter Yeah, the book starts delivering the gore in the very first chapter.

I still don't like to look into gutters. This scene is terrifying on both a human and a supernatural level. Adrian, a member of Derry's small gay population, is beaten to a pulp by a gang of homophobes and then thrown over a ledge into the canal.


Terrible, right? It gets worse: Pennywise is waiting for him below. One witness says the clown took a giant bite out of Adrian's side, while his boyfriend swears he watched Pennywise break Adrian's ribs and pull him into the sewers. Either way, his mutilated body is found the next day, with some chunks taken out of him.

Did I mention this book isn't for the squeamish? I'm not sure why this scene scares me so badly, but I had a nightmare immediately after reading it. I wouldn't recommend reading It and then trying to sleep, btw. As Ben walks home on a cold winter's day, he spots someone standing in the middle of the frozen canal. The figure is wearing a clown suit and carrying a bunch of balloons. If that's not weird enough, the balloons are blowing against the wind.

I don't know why this detail is so terrifying, but it tips Ben off that something isn't right.

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