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Offutt is writing new Conan material for Ace and L. Next issue, I may have yet another although shorter report on Robert E. Howard -related activities.

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I am currently awaiting confirmation of information from a number of sources. My thanks to Glenn Lord for making this report possible.

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Although designed primarily for students, librarians and generally people new to fantasy, the volume is of considerable interest to the collector, as well. The book is a milestone in at least two respects. The heart of Waggoner 's book is a page heavily annotated bibliography of nearly 1, major fantasy works by more than authors. It is not a complete bibliography and the author carefully disclaims any attempt at presenting an encyclopedic history of fantasy.

Although it is the most comprehensive fantasy bibliography published to date, it has its fair share of errors and more than a few serious omissions. As only one example!

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Nevertheless, the bibliography is of value from at least two points of view. In addition, it can serve as a springboard for "discovering" additional works not listed.

Even the seasoned collector is likely to find a niimber of authors and titles with which he or she was previously unfamiliar. In addition to the bibliography, Waggoner provides a lengthy dissertation on the theory of fantasy, establishing parameters for distinguishing it from other genres. Four appendices include! This last appendix is the most useful of the four and should be of considerable help to the beginner in compiling a personal reading list. Following the appendices is a list of sources which forms a reasonably good bibliography of critical works. As noted earlier, this volume was not designed for the serious, experienced collector and some members of that community may be disappointed if they expect it to be a bibliographic panacea.

Atheneum Publishers, East 42nd St. The page softcover booklet includes a biography of Lovecraft. James Blish.

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Rav Bradbury. Arthur C. Robert A. Murray Leinster and numerous others.

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Each art item carries a credit for the book from which it was taken and some also include a brief quote from the text. William Edwards. Bertram Chandler. Sports a nice Ken Barr cover. Manor Books is publishing a series of five novels around a Conan-like hero named Dannus, who is killed in an automobile accident and wakes up on a primitive world. The author of the series is Mike Sirota. The volme will be illustrated by George Evans. Cave , illustrated by Lee Brown Cove. The Leigh Brackett collection at one time planned by Carcosa is now uncertain due to her recent death.

It will include new stories by authors and will run just under , words. Included is just about every major living author one can imaginei Harlan began reading me a list of names over the phone, but I ran out of paper. Some of the selections are novel-length. Tim Kirk is illustrating the three volumes at the rate of one illustration per story, including a foldout. In connection with his Robert E. Howard biography, currently in preparation, L.

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Sprague de Camp is seeking a poem about not by Howard that appeared in an amateur publication in the '30s, probably In addition, he is looking for a letter from Howard to Harold Preece in which Howard describes a fight with a black person. If anyone can help, contact L. Sprague de Camp directly or send the information to FN for forwarding. Conan by Charles R. Saunders , and an "article-length" letter by E. Hoffman Price.

Wayne Warfield, P. Box , Aberdeen, MD Planned for inclusion in the issue is fiction by David C. Michael Fantina.

Darrell Schweitzer. Marc laidlaw and others. Artwork will be by Stephen Fabian. Clyde Caldwell. Jeff Easley and Jim Fitzpatrick , among others. No price has been set yet. Brian Lumley. Charles R. Charles recently pub- lished a copy limited edition print by Clyde Caldwell , captioned "The Season of the Witch. Damon Sasser has announced his return to fantasy publishing with a new magazine about Robert E. Saunders , illus. Damon C. Sasser, P.

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Box O, Houston, TX Howard 's Library! An Annotated Checklist. Howard 's personal library, compiled by Charlotte Laughlin, with some interesting observations about Howard's sources. Richard Fawcett, 6l Teecomwas Dr. For membership information, write! Wilfred E. Beaver, 4l8 East Main St.

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The contents include "Random Thoughts on Romanticism" by H. Warner Munn. Moran and non-fantasy material by F. Marion Crawford.