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Betty, it is best to pay your balance in full each month. But the reality is that not everybody does that. If you do carry a balance, asking for a lower rate or switching to a lower rate card can save a lot of dough. Clip coupons, but only buy items that allow you to cook from scratch. Forget the coupons for prepakaged foods.

How to Coupon Without Going Crazy

Always bring your lunch and drinks to work. Talk with extended family members and stop buying x-mas gifts for everyone. Call the cable co, internet provider, etc and ask for the discount new members are getting. Cut up the credit cards. Have a potluck and movie night with friends instead of dinner out and a movie. While it is unlikely to stay in your car long enough to do damage, it may be in your lawnmower, leafblower or snowblower for that long.

We were told Shell and Marathon were the best gasolines to use, as they use less alcohol than most others. Small: I collect all the partly used little shampoo bottles from business travel and use them in our liquid soap dispensers. They work great and smell nice too. Saves a lot of money over time. And P. Shopping at Goodwill?

AmandaB, great tips. One tip for clothes shopping. Find a good store and make friends with the staff. Learn about the sales they have. I bought three suits for the price of one that way. Its more expensive then shopping at goodwill, but I was able to three different suits that will last me years. Rarely will goodwill have that great of a selection.

Richards, nice tip. Burritos every day can be boring. For me, lunch for the week is what ever was on sale in the frozen food isle last week. I eat a lot of hot pockets. I watch for them to go on sale and stock up on a variety of flavors, and I almost always get a store coupon for them which makes the next batch cheaper. This means Monday may be barbeque beef, Tuesday is ham and cheese, Wednesday is chicken fajitas and so on. Stick with the lean hot pockets to help reduce calories. I also recommend checking out the cafeteria at work. They may have some freebies to add to what you bring from home.

I get free fruit and free coffee. Skipping Starbucks has saved me a lot of money.

How to Save Money

I make my own lattes now. Yeah, I find that staying on top of my credit card payments each month and sticking to my budgets by scrupulous monitoring allows me to lead a balanced life. Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with everyone you normally do, sponsor a child through a local charity. It is better for your budget, better for the environment, and will help someone who really needs the help.

Who really needs all the stuff they receive at Christmas anyway?

Another great money saving tip—instead of using for information, call FREE They give you all the same information for FREE! Kishore, good point — I use Mint.

Pick an inconvenient bank

I also use Billsback. Also, try taking enough cash from your account to last you the week without using your ATM card. If you are buying a major appliance, or electronics, get the extended warranty. I bought a computer and a flat-screen TV and within 6 months of the manufacturer warranty expiring, both needed costly repairs. That warranty has covered 2 motherboards and 2 system fans for my computer, and is replacing basically the brain to my flat-screen TV.

Did I mention the problem I had with my washer right after the manufacturer warranty expired? I only shop for clothes once every 6 months or so. Replace shopping as your therapeutic activity with some other hobby, like walking if you live in a safe neighborhood , or writing or yoga or join a reading group or club. Always wash clothing in cold water. Cold water gets clothes cleaner, and gets stains out better. Only wash sheets in hot water, to kill dust mites.

There is never a reason to wash clothes in hot water. To reduce Christmas expenses, suggest to your family that everyone just exchange names and buy one gift this year. My family does this. Everyone is getting married now, and our family is growing more quickly than our budgets! Holidays are more about spending time together anyway. Who really needs or wants all that stuff? Also, use Dealtaker. I used to go home to eat lunch every day. I have cut my commute in half by not doing this any more. I save a lot on gasoline. I am getting a bit tired of burritos though.

Access the internet from work or the public library. Watch your favorite tv shows online, or rent the DVDs when they come out from your local video store. Sign up to get emails from Redbox.

Size Up Your Cash Flow

They send out a coupon code every monday for 1 free rental. Use sites like Dealtaker. You can even post a request on their message boards for help in finding a good deal on just about any item you can buy on or off line. If you need furniture, buy dorm furniture from a discount store like Target or KMart. Also, my local Habitat for Humanity runs a resale store and sells lots of furniture and other household items people donate to them. Find out if your local Habitat For Humanity runs a shop also.

Shop where the illegal immigrants shop. Get athletic shoes at a discount store like KMart. Always wear comfortable shoes. If you wear crummy shoes with no support, or expensive shoes that put your feet and spine out of whack, you will spend way more money on medical bills when you blow your knee out or sprain your ankle or your back.

Save money by taking really good care of your feet. I found that out the hard way, wearing cheap flat slipon sandals to work every day, and ended up blowing out my ACL just on an ordinary day, climbing a flight of stairs. You can call goog and get connected to any business free. They ask for city and state and you say it out loud.

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Then you say the name of business or category and if you are just looking for a general thing like a restaurant it will give you a list to select from! Free and awesome. Just a note-be careful with not washing sheets in hot water. To kill dustmites which most are allergic to you need a high temp. Sometimes it only applies to transfers, sometimes only for a limited time, etc. Thanks for putting this list together, its a great list and very helpful. I just created a new website called saversecrets. After spending entirely way too much money on groceries for our family of four, I sat down and devised these strategies:.

I only go to the grocery store every 10 days unless I run out of something of necesity, like milk and before I do, I make a detailed list of what we will eat each of those ten days.

How to Save Money from Your Salary

Breakfast is usually one of 4 things to eliminate over-buying: pancakes, eggs and potatoes, oatmeal, or cold cereal. The eggs come from my own chickens, which eliminates one less thing to buy. Lunch is almost always leftovers from the night before because I always cook enough to cover both meals I have found that it is quicker and more convenient to heat up leftovers than to run to the nearest drive through.

For example, Last night we had pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus. Tonight I made a stir fry of leftover pork,a bag of frozen mixed veggies, egg noodles, topped with cheese. The bag of noodles that I have been using came from a store that sales in bulk, and I have been using it for a couple of months. Thus, the only thing that actually was not left over was the bag of veggies. Vegetables can be bought freshly frozen which eliminates the waste of them going bad, anddrastically reduces the amount of sodium you would get from canned veggies. Works great for making your own baby food!

I am also a fan of buying extra products on sale and then freezing them so they dont go bad.