e-book I,Win: My Journey With Cerebral Palsy in a Non-Disabled World

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The solution is never cookie cutter.

Meet Dakota. She’s 10, She Has Cerebral Palsy, And She’s Taking The Government To Court.

I ask Win who her mentors were in her life that have made a big impact on her? Win shares that there were a couple of educators who she views as mentors, but the biggest mentors in her life were her Parents.

Win again drives home the point that her parents raising her as if she didn't have a disability empowered her to become the woman that she is today. Take a listen to the podcast to hear our discussion on inclusion, how Win became an author and a podcaster, as well as the messages Win shares on disability advocacy.

‘You Don’t Have to Have Cerebral Palsy to Relate to My Story’

Win tours the country, speaking to schools and institutions to raise awareness about cerebral palsy, and living a full life no matter what holds you back. If you received value from this content please leave me a review on iTunes. Click Here To Listen on iTunes. Podcast Powered By Podbean.

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Empowering Ability Podcast. So why in the transfer over from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments are so many people losing access their mobility cars, or at least in fear of losing it? Is this not a national own goal? Together we make up the largest minority group.

The UK has to realise that our prosperity and freedom as a nation are bound to the opportunities, prosperity and freedom of us with disabilities. I think this is especially true in the current climate of the upcoming exit from the European Union. The opportunities of people with disabilities have a butterfly effect on everything to income generated by the treasury through tax, to spending in the NHS and social care.

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After years of austerity I wonder the costs and savings associated with the benefit shakeup? Has the nation and public purse benefited or have we stored a time bomb for the future? Capital expenditure on infrastructure to improve transport would surly have wide ranging benefits across the country.

Win Charles -- I,Win

I am aware that we have made vast improvements on the visibility and opportunities available to us, however I cannot be satisfied until the barriers that make it harder, and separated from living a full life still exist. Hiding in the shadows alone and in pain whether physical and emotionally.

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Our dreams can be a light, a light that shines hope for a better tomorrow for us as individuals, as a community and as a nation. It forces you to dream for a land with no walls of separation.

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Where we can rejoice and sing in the simple satisfaction of who we are, brothers and sisters in a family of billions. In this environment can dare claim to be equal?

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Like King, I have a dream that people with disabilities will not be judged by the label of their impairment, but be judged instead by their unique gifts and strength of character. I have a dream that we will not be seen as people with disabilities but as husbands and wives, adventurers, bosses, work colleagues, brothers and sisters as equals learning what it is to be human side by side. I have a dream that we all as a society can jump on the train whether from Glasgow to Edinburgh, or Glasgow to London without worrying that there is a working disabled toilet, nor feel like we go round in circles entering the subway.

I have a dream that no matter the obstacles in the way people will dare to travel the four corners of the globe, I want people to travel to China, Tanzania, Nepal, Peru, and have the opportunity to experience what I experienced in January.