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Or very nearly did. We arranged all the items under the track lighting. We were up at 6 am posting signs in the neighborhood, watching our fingers turn white in the uncharacteristic Silverlake cold. My son never complained when the person who agreed to bring breakfast never showed up. He never complained when we missed the Superb Bowl to sell two items on Sunday.

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I still have some great items for sale. Harv Eker], and generally I agree. I definitely get what it says to me about my son.

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It did modify how I enjoyed myself while I was there. I invite people to connect with me through my site.

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Perhaps I can learn from you. Thanks in advance. This post comes at a great time for me. I graduated from college in May, Spent 3 months Sept. My weekends and evenings are spent dreaming and working to make those dreams into a reality. Friday — Finished work, made my way straight home eager to get some writing and brainstorming done. From I worked on several projects. The first was working on a basic blog post that I felt would help friends and family discussing useful web stools, free resources and how to protect themselves.

The post took about an hour to write and was a great exercise as it allowed me to go back through the tools and options I have available to me.

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  5. After finishing and posting the blog post, I set to brainstorming. This week it was Friday night at the local salsa club. Its people, power and ideologies all in one spot. Saturday we decided to take it to the next level and REALLY push our comfort zones [had not done anything like this before]. We tossed on our suits and ties and hit the local community. Our goal was just to inform and remind people. The 3 of us did houses over a 2 hour period. We were not pushing an agenda, just encouraging people to vote and do research. I always get my seafood from the local Chinese cultural center.

    As I was picking up some whole fresh shrimp I noticed their live Dungeness Crabs. After a nice nap, I woke up and started preparing to cook. Hey, just wanted to say thanks, I have been applying everything I have learned from your book and your blog to my life and I can not believe the results I have seen:. The first has paid itself off within two weeks. I have hired a person to automate my workflow here at my office, freeing up my time incredibly. Automated other things including my shipping, bill payments, order taking and fulfillment, email and phone calls.

    I have freed up at least hours a week by doing these things. If you can make it, I know you like to ski, I would love to meet you there and take you out for dinner to thank you and pick your brain a little more. This will be a real test of income autopilot that I am setting up with the above mentioned startups.

    I need to take a photo, I promised you I would. All I have to say about that is WOW. So thanks a lot. You have influenced my lifestyle incredibly and I know of several other followers of your 4hour workweek. I think I can get used to this, though! I googled my friends, then found a good ticket and went. It was fabulous. Nothing and I do mean nothing satisfies like conscious contact with God, and I want to get the word out.

    This contest lines up perfectly with a special occasion holiday my wife and I took. She recently received her white coat in veterinary school. It symbolizes a transition from the classroom to the clinic, where she will get to apply her book knowledge to her patients. Friday began with me leaving work early despite a serious issue brewing while I was on my way out the door.

    I showed up early to the ceremony and was able to enjoy the unseasonably warm day and sunshine before the show began. After many pictures and congratulations, we hosted a banquet to celebrate the momentous occasion with family and friends. The next morning, we went to buy provisions and headed to a bed and breakfast in the cotton plantation country of South Louisiana. We took a tour of the haunted Myrtles Plantation and had dinner in the carriage house on the property. After a lovely dinner, we sat on the porch and smoked cigars and drank wine until late in the evening. We chatted about the past few years and what the future held for us.

    "Sensory Overload"

    The next morning, we had breakfast in bed and toured the rambling grounds and main house of the plantation where we stayed. We retired to the back porch of our cottage and had a picnic.

    We spent several hours eating cheese and olives and enjoying the quiet. Our weekend had the right number of phone calls and emails. I sneaked occasional peeks at the Super Bowl score who thought that would turn out the way it did? This weekend showed us that we could drop everything and do what we wanted without worrying about things falling apart. Work was there when I rolled in on Monday morning, and nothing blew up. I ate and drank. I went to every single Parade here in New Orleans. I met up with old friends. I hung out with family. All while doing one of my all time favorite things to do: Enjoying the greatest city in America.

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    We walked and explored. You notice so much more walking, even if it is an area you have driven through a zillion times. All the krewe names re-kindled my interest in Greco-Roman mythology, which I have spent the better part of the day re-educating myself on along with a little bit of genealogy research. As tomorrow is the shrove, my office building a mere block from a parade route will be closed. Then as the quasi self-penitent attitude of our city will facilitate, I will use the day after Mardi Gras to once again begin reach for my life long dream of becoming a Marine Officer.

    And if there is anything that is further from the corporate hell in which I find myself trapped, Marine Officer Candidate School is it. Audi R8, funny thing, I watched their commercial during the Super Bowl. Looks like a sweet ride. OK, some writers have produced novels in that time, but the amphetamines can give you a really bad hangover. Well, my mini-retirement challenge is almost over.

    Dawn Kohaly

    How did I spend my last 48 hours? Oddly enough, the results are really telling:. My son Samuel had a cold; so I nursed him. He was bored but unwell; so we snuggled up and watched a movie. I made him Swedish Meatballs for dinner and veggies, which he loved, and put him to bed. On Monday morning, I let him rest and recover. No school for him, lucky bunny.

    My next door neighbour across the hall kept an eye on him while I volunteered to do a workshop at a school for disabled children for an hour. It was all so simple and yet so rewarding. When I took this challenge, I set out to prove something. And yet, in the first few hours when Samuel became ill I felt like a failure. It is all about my intention…. I was highly aware of everything that I was doing this weekend because of the challenge. It was a fantastic two days.