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Honing your overall purpose is the first step toward growth.

Thoroughly understand the marketplace. To grow a business, you need to recognize what customers are looking for and respond to it. Gain a better understanding of your market by reading industry magazines and trade journals. Join associations and trade groups to stay informed and share information.

Build an effective growth planning system.

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Tap into employees, managers, and outside observers to help develop a good growth plan. Prioritize growth planning every day. Develop customer-driven processes. Look for ways in which technology can improve your customer acquisition and retention. Put the power of technology to work. Educate yourself and become an expert on how technology will impact your business and industry.

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Identify technology experts who can propose ways to save you money and automate your business processes. His premise is that opportunities and answers are not just within a company, but external also. This is an easy-to-read book.

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But this one gives an accurate picture of what to expect. Steven Little is a story-teller and he keeps it interesting with real-life examples. One such example in the book involves the tale of two rope making businesses.

ASAE 2007: The Seven Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth with Steven S. Little

One focused on growing a plant — henequen — and making natural-fiber rope from it. The other defined its business more broadly, as providing ropes of any materials for the shipping industry. The business that focused narrowly on henequen saw demand for natural-fiber rope decline dramatically, and is now at a mere fraction of its one-time peak. It is thriving.

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The most unique part of the book is the chapter on seeing the future more clearly. He even suggests that every business owner needs to read 50 magazines a month or web sites, newspapers, research reports, or other sources of information. By combining their own internal trend data, their external scanning efforts, and understanding of potentially disruptive weak signals, they are prepared to take their forecasting to the next level. Bottom line: Read this book.