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Reading the story of the Three Little Pigs is not limited to the reading curriculum. The story's theme can be carried through to help teach other subject areas as well. Teach math concepts through the story in many ways. The teacher could create a shopping list full of different items the pigs would need to build and furnish their homes and a price guidebook for those items. Students could then shop as though they are each of the pigs and estimate the cost for their homes.

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Older students could make blueprints for a home sturdy enough to withstand the blows of a wolf. Students of various ages can use this story to understand sequencing. Younger kids can trace which house was blown on by the wolf first, second and third. Another idea is to put the story on sentence strips and have students reorganize the story in the correct order. Older students can analyze the story and determine what would happen next. In addition, ask students to write a sequel to the story that explains what each pig lived on to do.

Isi Bagian 1. Bagian 2. Bagian 3. Bagian 4. Bagian 5. Bagian 6. Bagian 7. After the 5th episode of Season 8 in , Cyberchase went on hiatus. However, on April 3, , it was announced on the show's official Facebook page that it would return for a 9th season during the fall. On February 10, , Gilbert Gottfried , the voice of Digit, announced that five new episodes were expected to be broadcast in the latter half of that year as the show's 10th season. In January , it was announced that Cyberchase would be returning for an eleventh season, with 10 new episodes set to air later in the year.

In October , it was announced that Cyberchase would air for a twelfth season. The season premiered with a movie special on April 19, , with the remaining episodes set to begin airing in the fall. Preceding the televised animated episodes, in December , three webisodes called "How It All Started" were added to the website.

Estimation of Building Part - 1

The "Web Adventures" webisodes page was still up in December , [16] but as of March 8, , [17] it was changed into a redirect to the Math Games page introduced in At a library on Earth, while looking at a computer, Jackie, Matt, and Inez who accidentally let Hacker unleash the virus by touching the computer map at the same time are sucked through an interdimensional portal into Cyberspace.

In their first adventure, they go to an island to rescue Dr. In subsequent adventures, they return to Cyberspace to thwart Hacker's evil plans, which vary from ruining Motherboard to trying to take over a Cybersite. Throughout the season, the Cybersquad searched for a new encryptor chip for Motherboard. In Episode 9, Buzz and Delete nearly retrieved the encryptor chip, but lost it in a dust storm, much to Hacker's frustration. Marbles who has been captured and stranded by The Hacker.

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The kids must use their Sqawkpads and teamwork to locate Dr. Marbles before sundown, when the cybersite reformats itself and turns inside-out. The Cybersquad must stop Hacker from activating his newest creation, Gigabyte, before the light of the midnight moon, or else Dr.

Marbles' mind will be transferred into the monster, and Hacker will learn about all of Motherboard's secrets. The kids and Digit know Hacker is in a castle on a spooky, Halloweenish site called Castleblanca.

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Unfortunately, Motherboard wasn't able to specify which castle he is in. The kids must survey the residents of Castleblanca in order to pinpoint the exact location where Dr. Marbles is being held captive. Cognita actually Hacker in disguise. Meanwhile, they learn about chance and how to spot an unfair chance of winning and losing. Along the way they meet Lucky, a cab driver, who offers them a chance to gain a free cab ride while they search for Digit.

Digit is locked in a bird cage with Buzz and Delete as his guards. For Real: "Bianca Flips Out" Bianca recalls trying to figure out which movie to buy tickets to, and if she was giving each a fair chance by flipping a coin. Hacker is looking for an eternal power source, so he steals Solaria's Sunisphere. The Cybersquad has to get it back before the whole site freezes over. For Real: "Regards to Broadway" Harry is trying to decide whether or not he should stay in a long line to buy theater tickets, or instead go see a movie.

Hacker attempts to take power from the vault in Poddleville for himself by stealing the residents' power pods, much to the detriment of the community. Each power pod has a shape and a number from 1 to 12, and after Inez and Matt are imprisoned it becomes a race to solve the pattern and enter the vault.

Marbles builds Symmetria because of his passion of symmetry, but Hacker steals the symmetrizer and destroys Symmetria by splitting everything symmetrical in half.

The Cybersquad has to figure out how to get the symmetrizer back from Hacker. Motherboard is suddenly sickened by the green liquid because of Buzz and Delete. So it's up to Digit and the kids to recover her with the blue liquid. Hacker steals all the water from Sensible Flats in order to buy up their land, and the kids must determine when this started and how to fix it. Hacker's invention to clone himself accidentally clones Delete instead, leading him to produce 3 clones every time he sneezes.

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The kids and Digit enlist the help of clone catcher Cy Clone. The kids chase Hacker around a building consisting of floors that have both positive and negative numbers. This season is a continuation of the same basic plot of season one. However, the focus on the search for the Encryptor Chip is shown less as the season deals more with a new scenario; each episode involving Hacker seeking to take over a cybersite or all of Cyberspace, or plot a nefarious scheme in which he is wreaking chaos and havoc somewhere.

In a way, the occurrences of "The Wedding Scammer" are the only of Wicked's evenings where she is successful with her affections. In this second season, Hacker continues to run rampant, causing more chaos, and thus the Cybersquad returns to almost every Cybersite. The Wicked Witch also makes additional appearances.

This is the first season to use digital ink and paint. Lady Lovelace comes up with a way to eliminate Hacker's virus, but Hacker traps her and Dr. Marbles in her time machine, and programs it to travel to the beginning of time. In the third season, the kids meet Slider, a rebel-style skateboarder who lives in the cybersite Radopolis. Once again and then a third time Hacker tries to take control of Radopolis, first by almost winning a competition, then by putting everyone except Digit, Slider, and the Cybersquad asleep so he fails.

The kids are told his father, Coop, had abandoned him. Coop was on a distant cyber-planet, but the kids didn't know that yet.

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  • This season contains the first two-part episode of the series, "The Snelfu Snafu". While Slider was searching for his father, he stumbled across the location of the elusive encryptor chip. When he alerted the Cybersquad, they soon discovered it was in the hands of an auctioneer. The kids eventually earned enough snelfus the Cyberspace term for dollars to win it, but they discovered the chip was infected to drain Motherboard, replacing her with Hacker.

    The kids were then placed in the dungeon at the new Hacker Control Central; when they escaped, they searched for the encryptor chip because Motherboard was trapped in it. Upon finding it, they also rescued Dr. However, when they attempted to put the chip in the circuits, the hardware rejected it because Hacker has corrupted it. Marbles was forced to reboot Motherboard, destroying the chip in the process.

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    This concludes the Encryptor Chip story-arc. Also, Hacker rejects Wicked, setting the stage for some future episodes.

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    The kids win the encryptor chip in an action after saving enough money to buy it, but Hacker infected it and subsequently made himself the ruler of Cyberspace. The Cybersquad is at it again, and meets even more new allies like Fluff the Penguin. However, situations become more complicated now that Hacker is no longer the only villain attempting to rule Cyberspace; the Wicked Witch has been planning schemes of her own. On top of that, Hacker is now travelling all over Cyberspace to conquer unspoiled regions — and the Cybersquad soon learns that this may tie in with the disappearance of Slider's Dad.

    He steals the Electric Eel of Aquari-yum as a power source, and the Pedestal of Penguia as a relay for the power-flow, and combines these items with other gizmos and gadgets to form the Transformitron, a device with the capability of transforming anyone into anything. However, the Cybersquad was able to thwart Hacker's plans again by dismantling the device so it could not be used again and allowing the effects of the Transformatron to wear off.

    This is the last season directed by Larry Jacobs, who had directed every episode up to this point. At long last, Slider's dad comes home. However, simply because many of the parts used on the Transformatron before have disappeared does not mean Hacker has given up on it, so now the Cybersquad find themselves building, fixing, and inventing devices to stop Hacker from taking over.

    When the Transformatron goes on the loose, Digit and the kids must dispose of the NIC card, the only power source of Hacker's machine. During the season, a special two-hour program, "Cyberchase: My Big Idea! The program comprised episodes 64—67 shown sequentially, and was built around the theme of inventions.

    The Maggie B.

    Each episode covered a different invention topic. Len Carlson , as the original voice of Buzz, was replaced about halfway through the season by Philip Williams. Carlson died in , and the episode "EcoHaven Ooze" was dedicated to him. This was the last season that was animated by Nelvana, before moving over to Flash animation by Title Entertainment, starting with season six. Finally, the NIC card had been disposed of, which means that there are no more episodes involving the Transformatron.