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Write out a list of five things you must do every morning and stick with that list. Even if the rest of the day is chaos, refer to that list , and you will be thankful for crossing of your five must-haves, early in the day.

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I can tackle my small chores within an hour total, throughout the day. I also do one load a day to avoid doing 10 on the weekend. Also, if you save your larger chores on the weekend, you have extra help from older children and your spouse. This took awhile for me to grasp.

Even completing one task on that list is better than nothing at all. When I first started blogging, I felt like I was constantly in motion without really accomplishing anything. I was doing random tasks whenever I thought of them, but my house still looked like a wreck. Then I got more intentional about scheduling my day , and things instantly improved.

One thing I do that has helped tremendously is set up my week on Sundays. Then I assign those tasks to each day of the week. Another practice I picked up is writing out a time-blocked schedule every day. I look at my to-do list and write down when I will do each task during the day. My final tip is to compartmentalize your day.

Blog time is blog time. And play time with my son is play time.


Single mom guide for how to run a household to save time and money

Before my daughter was born I really had this idea that I would have no problem juggling work and home. I was so excited to become a mom. After she was born, I realize just how hard it was to handle getting another little person dressed and dropped off at daycare, commute to work, function at work, commute back to pick-up my daughter, eat, prep for bed, and repeat. I became such a ball of stress! I started researching online and found out that other moms were going through the same troubles. I wish I would have done this sooner. Go for a walk by myself, get a pedicure, etc.

Come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next mom job. I also like to allow myself a glass of wine or time to have a mommy group night out. Stressed Mommy Wine is perfect for those days. One thing to always remember as a stressed mommy is that you are doing a great job! My son usually sleeps in until about 7am, and I used to do the same. At the start of each day, I write down the tasks that need to be done, the tasks that would be nice to get done, and the tasks that can wait.

Whenever I have a spare moment, I focus solely on the tasks that need to be done today. This meant getting up, making my bed first thing, taking a shower, getting dressed, and then opening the windows to let the sunshine in. My mom taught me to always start the day with clean clothes and a clean room.

Time Management Tips for a Stay-at-Home Mom

I still follow this today. It puts me in a productive mindset right away and helps me feel ready to tackle the day ahead, even if I feel sick or stressed. I learned it is better to pick just one important goal to work on.

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If I set too many goals for my blog then nothing feels like priority and everything gets lost in the shuffle and I end up just floating around Facebook. To get clear on my one important goal , I make it measurable using the format from X to Y by when. It is very important to set an end date for your goals!

I like to make a monthly goal and use the end of the month as my end date. I then make weekly commitments to myself and set aside dedicated time each day to work on tasks that relate to my one important goal. By following this formula, I see progress on my blog much quicker. I feel better about myself because I have a realistic plan to follow even when there is chaos elsewhere.

Efff that! Of course we want to do more, be more, have more. Maybe they can help you too.

Household chores

Choose three tasks that will improve your life or your business in a meaningful way. These are your three to-dos for the day. These mommy days are not exactly self-esteem builders but, you know what makes them sting a little less? Making money. I still made money through my investments so who cares what the house looks like. Start investing simply with a company like Motif Investing and build from there. I am a work-from-home mom and readily admit that it is pretty crazy over here.

Most days I resemble an extra from The Walking Dead , with my droopy eyes, matted hair, and slight limp from stepping on yet another Lego! I can completely relate to Monica on Friends and her eleven categories of towels.


For example, I categorize my list by my work related duties, my mom duties, and my household duties. This serves several purposes. One, writing things down helps you keep track of what you are trying to accomplish, so you do not feel as much like a chicken running around with your head cut off. Three, maybe one of your lists can be handed to someone else. Often your loved ones want to help you when they say that you are struggling, but do not know where to start.

Hand them a list! You want to prioritize. Start there. If you only accomplish your number one task, you will feel successful!

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One of the things I struggle with as a first-time mom is making myself a priority. Do as I say and not as I do. Maybe it is just enjoying a cup of coffee or taking a bubble bath, but you will be able to tackle another busy day if you allow yourself a little down time to relax. I tell my students all the time that organization is the key to success.

This is definitely true for busy moms. Use a wall calendar or planner to keep track of important dates and appointments. If you are a techie, I love the PocketLife app for my calendar, where I can again categorize and color code all of my appointments. You can create separate notebooks here, too, for keeping track of your separate lists and tasks. Around the house, I have a basket in each room for stray toys. You could even color code the baskets for each family member to keep track of their own belongings. Now that my daughter is a toddler, I put her to work by asking her to clean up her own toys.

Did you know toddlers LOVE to sort and organize? You can make cleaning up a game by singing songs, playing music, or racing to see whom can clean up the fastest. If you are thinking that these are great ideas, but how do you do it with a baby that needs your constant attention? Two words. Baby wearing. My Ergo Baby Carrier has pretty much saved my life AND allowed me to nurse and bond with my baby while doing household chores like folding laundry. Better yet, baby wearing is not just for babies!

That then turns into wife-time when my husband comes home and we catch up over dinner or a glass of wine. Then I shift into entrepreneur time when I burn the midnight oil working on my website, What Moms Love. You got through the day with everyone alive and well. The laundry and dirty dishes can wait another day. Or two.

Here are some simple, intentional actions you can take to feel better and accomplish more. A morning routine can be as simple as waking up a little bit earlier to do 10 minutes of yoga, write in your journal, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee in peace and quiet. I start each morning with a l ist of 3 things that I want to get done that day in order to feel accomplished. My to-do list consists of one thing I want to do for work, one for family, and one for myself. I started my business because I want to create a better lifestyle for myself and my family, so ignoring those two huge areas of my life seems counterproductive.

By creating my to-do list around each of my priorities, I feel much more balanced and fulfilled.

Time-management strategies for working parents

Anything else I get done in addition to these 3 things is a bonus! Every time you cook an awesome dinner, get asked to write a guest post, or sell something on your website, take time to celebrate! Call a friend to share how proud you are of yourself, treat yourself to a bubble bath, or enjoy a glass of wine with your husband.