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She carries her shield and spear in one hand, resting the other on her horse's neck, and thus, in grave silence, she watches Siegmund for some time. Look on me!

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I come to call thee hence. Siegmund raises his eyes to her. Siegmund Who art thou, say, who dost stand so beauteous and stern? On the war-field alone I come to heroes; those whom I greet with me needs must go hence! Siegmund looks long, firmly and searchingly into her eyes, then bows his head in thought and at length turns resolutely to her again. Siegmund If death be his, whither lead'st thou the hero?

Sieh auf mich! Ich bin's, der bald du folg'st. Siegmund richtet den Blick zu ihr auf. Auf der Walstatt allein erschein' ich Edlen wer mich gewahrt, zur Wal kor ich ihn mir! Siegmund In Walhalls Saal Walvater find' ich allein? Siegmund tenderly Gladly will woman welcome me there?

Siegmund Fair art thou, and holy before me stands Wotan's child: yet one thing tell me, immortal! Go brother and sister to Walhall together? Siegmund Hehr bist du: und heilig gewahr ich das Wotanskind: doch Eines sag' mir, du Ew'ge! Siegmund Where Sieglinde lives in weal or woe, there will Siegmund too linger: thy withering glance served not to fright me, nor shall it e'er force me hence.

Siegmund Whose hand, then, shall strike, if I must fall? Siegmund Bring threats more dire if thou wouldst daunt me. Lurkest thou here lusting for strife, choose thou him for thy prey: methinks he will fall in the fight! Siegmund Know'st thou this sword? From him it came who holds me safe: through his sword thy threats I defy! Siegmund Kennst du diess Schwert? Der mir es schuf, beschied mir Sieg: deinem Drohen trotz' ich mit ihm! Siegmund vehemently Still and fright not the slumberer here! He bends tenderly, in an outburst of grief, over Sieglinde. Sweetest wife! Thou saddest among all thy faithful!

If I must fall then, to Walhall I fare not: Hella hold me her own! He bends low over Sieglinde. Nought else deemst thou good? Siegmund looking up to her bitterly So young and fair thou shinest to me, yet how cold and hard now knows thee my heart! Canst thou but mock me, then take thyself hence, thou cruel, merciless maid!

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Or if thou dost hunger for my distress, then freely feast on my woe; let my grief quicken thy envious heart: but of Walhall's loveless raptures speak not, prithee, to me! Siegmund heftig Schweig und schrecke die Schlummernde nicht! Du traurigste aller Getreuen! Er neigt sich tief zu Sieglinde. Nichts sonst hieltest du hehr? Siegmund, to me give thy wife, let her safeguard be my shield! Siegmund No other than I, while she lives, shall safeguard the pure one; if death be my doom, I will slay the slumberer here!

Hearken to me!

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Siegmund drawing his sword This sword, though by traitor to true man decreed; this sword, that fails me in face of my foe: serves it not then against foe, right well it shall serve against friend! He points the sword at Sieglinde. Two lives now laugh to thee here: take them, Nothung, envious steel! Siegmund, befiel mir dein Weib: mein Schutz umfange sie fest! Zwei Leben lachen dir hier: nimm sie, Nothung, neidischer Stahl!

Sieglind' shall live then, and, Siegmund, live thou with her!

Hear'st thou the call? Prepare thyself now! Trust to the sword, and strike without fear: sure striketh the blade, as the Valkyrie's shield is sure! Farewell, Siegmund, hero most blest! On the field once more shall I find thee! She rushes away, and disappears with her horse in a ravine on the right. Siegmund looks after her with joy and exultation.

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The stage has gradually darkened; heavy storm clouds sink down and cover the background, grad- ually veiling the cliffs, ravine and rocky pass completely from view. Sieglinde lebe, und Siegmund lebe mit ihr! Beschlossen ist's; das Schlachtloos wend' ich: dir, Siegmund, schaff' ich Segen und Sieg!

Leb' wohl, Siegmund, seligster Held! Auf der Walstatt seh' ich dich wieder!

Siegmund blickt ihr freudig und erhoben nach. Scene Five Siegmund again bends over Sieglinde, listening to her breathing. Siegmund Slumber charms with soothing spell the fair one's pain and grief. When the Valkyrie hither came, brought she then this blissful repose? Should not the furious fight wake fear in her sorrowing heart? Lifeless seems she who yet hath life: her sorrow is soothed by a smiling dream. So slumber still on till the fight be fought, and peace to thee bring joy! He lays her gently on the rocky seat and kisses her forehead as farewell.

He hears Hunding's horn-call and starts up with resolution Thou who dost call, arm thyself now; whate'er is due take thou here: He draws his sword. Nothung payeth the debt! He hastens to the background and, on reaching the pass, disappears in the dark storm cloud, from which a flash of lightning immediately breaks. Sieglinde begins to move restlessly in her dreams Would now but father come home!

With the boy he still roams in the woods. I quake with fear, with eyes unfriendly glower the strangers! Misty darkness fills all the air She springs up. Violent thunder and lightning.

She stares about her in growing terror: nearly the whole of the stage is veiled with black thunderclouds. Hunding's horn-call sounds near. Sollte die grimmige Wal nicht schrecken ein gramvolles Weib? Er vernimmt Hundings Hornruf, und bricht ent schlossen auf. Nothung zahlt' ihm den Zoll! Mit dem Knaben noch weilt er im Forst. Sie springt auf. Starker Blitz und Donner. Hunding in the background, from the mountain pass Wehwalt!

Stand there and fight, else with the hounds must I hold thee.